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  1. thanks for your thoughts RA. we all have a rough idea on serviceable flying hours for a wing, and a reserve parachute , fabric is far easier to predict in terms of degradation than a motor but i did think there might be some correlation, after all maintenance schedules are expressed in flying or run hours . Agree i am complete believer in good and timely maintenance . i drive a van which is now at 240.000miles still going strong and always been maintained . with my PAP Ross 100 now at over 600 hrs there is not one mark on the frame and never really spent lots on maintenance. I will replace it soon and it doesnt really owe me anything and dont worry I wont be selling it to an unaware newbie if at all. ! I guess its a testament to the quality of manufacture, engine and frame both. not sure all paramotors on the market would last that long , but then again having new gear if you can afford would give a bit more peace of mind
  2. Thanks very much andyy good points . Wow 100 hrs ! That’s expensive airtime ;) ! With all of my motors I have had issues including serious ones new reduction drives holes in pistons etc but it’s almost as if you get through a period of troubles early on then you have a relatively long trouble free time . I guess the other thing to mention is the frames , linkages, and harness straps all wear over time . Doesn’t contribute to peace of mind wondering if they might be on the verge of giving up but don’t suppose there are any guidelines for that . Just common sense !
  3. Not pilots but motors ...I am flying a pap PA125 its got about 260 hrs running sweetly , thinking of upgrading frame and harness is it worth it ? back story is I have to run two motors one I leave in Spain and the other in the Uk ..the one I have in Spain(Ross 100) I bought 2006 has well over 600 hrs and still runs well but over the years has lost a bit of power and only good for sea level takeoffs , Am on the look out for one new motor but thinking i could upgrade the PA125 and leave that in Spain , but I really have no idea how long motors are designed to last ...any one have any suggestions or exoerience ?
  4. Dont get me wrong I fly for fun and not constantly checking speed , just curiosity and your right, air density , and weight loading obviously play their part (not sure how the motor changes speed ?) Have to say its a hell of a lot more fun to fly than my speedster! At present have only flown with it alongside a roadster and a nucleon ...spent a while circling so they could catch up !!
  5. Yes enjoyIng mine so far . Out of interest what top speed do you get as advertised 65 mg seemes bit unobtainable for me ?
  6. Having contacted the seller , Im afraid that wont fit ! the 2 pin will but the other connector is a 5pin female type and i need the 8 pin male din connector ---Any other ideas ?
  7. Thanks ! Funnily enough the monster plus is the one on my wish list
  8. Yep ! Had 5 flights so far so early days but initial feelings its very nice ..with the lightness of the wing makes for a easy enough launch although first flight was a nil wind and found i needed much more brake than used to to unstick! but that was more a getting used to the feel of it . second was alot better ! like the agility.. no acro piloting! so dynamic enough for me . just my comparison to a speedster .its certainly not quite as efficient, Had to keep an eye on engine temp as it was running hotter than usual with trims out .. Speed wise.. full speed about the same I struggled to get the 65Kmh advertised more like 60 which my speedster would do .trim speed is way faster with much nicer co ordinated turns. I would say it moves about a little bit more with turbulence but still feels very solid ( you could happily swing off the A lines :)) Climb out was slow, so until i get a more powerful motor! glad i went for the medium as i think i would have struggled with the small looking forward to getting out on it again post storm Callum ! Oh I went for the Red. a beautiful looking wing ..
  9. Is there a cable available that would connect these two , a Baofeng UV-5R2 and a preferably curly lead with a male 8 pin connector for the peltor headset? thanks
  10. i now have one on order ! so looking forward to getting to fly it . thanks for input Mitchg
  11. Thanks Mitchg really good to read your experience and im pretty convinced it would be a good next wing . what were nil wind take offs like with a 130cc ? and did you trim a 1/4 out for take off as well ? nice dune skimming vid thanks again
  12. What all up weight are you Atko ? Im thinking a medium as I am about 130 all up and I need one wing to do everything ! and with only 125cc of power. Only had a bit of trike experience , but I know a couple of commercial tandem trike operators and their wings have gone down in size dramatically over the last few years! If you wouldn't mind passing on your dealer mates contact details I wouldnt mind seeing what he could offer ! cheers steve
  13. Thanks Atko thats great to have your feedback ! as luck would have it I had a quick try on a medium last evening, needed a fair dab on brakes to stop overflying on reverse launch , keen to get up there ! liked the agility and the combined steering worked really well without fuss. settled down a lot with trims fully out as you would expect , speed bar was shortish but light and no real feeling of acceleration or dive when using it, (wasnt flying with any instruments so guess most of speed range is from trimmers) loved the trimmers light and so easy to pull on or release, in fact really liked the whole riser set up beautifully uncomplicated with no little handels and bungees getting in the way . landing was fast but lots of energy retention and yes a very nice glide and step landing . Impossible to really get a feel for a wing after one flight but definitely impressed and will have a look to see if any one is selling a low hours one .
  14. Im looking at the ITV Billy wing as a next choice after a good few years on a speedster. Im struggling to find much user experience beyond that its a fast easy launching wing there is a ojovolador review and a few bits and pieces but i wouldnt mind hearing from pilots who have a bit of experience flying it
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