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Synthesis forward launch tips?


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First time out on MY wing and motor last night after getting back from training in Spain.

It was a disaster - failed to get airborne after about 6 attempts.

In 27+ degree heat it was just too much, so gave up. Dissapointing...

Conditions were light winds (<10mph), and getting lighter all the time - ie: zero wind as i was packing up so no chance then. Not enough to keep the wing up for a reverse so had to forward it.

Wind direction was the most unfavourable for my field - have to run slightly uphill and in the direction of the hedge where the wind comes over so possibly crappy air, too..

The wing came up overhead fine on the first push but it just didn`t stay there for long enough to get running and hung back when trying to run forward..

I`ve ground handled it a number of times and in similar conditions can effect regular, reliable launches, but it`s a bit different with a motor on your back, isn`t it..?

Any tips for launching a Synthesis in light wind?

Trimmer settings?



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Simon, i think you`re spot-on...

Thinking about it, when i`m ground handling the wing that`s exactly what i do - hoik the fecker up and PLF on the A`s and making a conscious decision on when to let go, but that wasn`t what i was doing on Sunday.

I was launching into it and then guiding the lines up and around the cage - getting off the A`s far too early..

Dunno whether it`s a different technique on the Synth than the wing i trained on, or that i`ve forgotten what i learnt (probably this) but thanks for the heads-up..


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