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Kobra PPG non delivery of £6000 worth of kit.

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Morning all, Just thought i would highlight an issue my friend and i have had with Kobra PPG

Back in 2011 my friend and i, who were working in Saudi at the time, decided to take up the sport of paramotoring. We found an instructor and started some lessons. We both greatly enjoyed it so decided to purchase some equipment. We both eventually decided to get a Kobra venom paramotor with the kobra enjoy wing. We put in our order to Leandro at Kobra with the help of our instructor.

£ weeks before delivery our instructor informed us that all ultra/micro light activities in Saudi had been restricted due to 3 people getting caught on a paratrike bringing *removed by admin* into the country, so our delivery got put on hold.

We waited 2 months to see if the ban would be lifted but unfortunately it didn't. We decided to get the paramotors shipped to the UK instead. Mine arrived fine but my friends didn't turn up.

We contacted Leandro asking why, he replied saying he was waiting for a motor to turn up for the frame and it would be shipped in a week or two.

A couple of months past with no arrival of the paramotor? Again we contact him, he replied that he had to use parts from the motor to service other parameters. We again wait a couple of months. This is when the emails became quite worrying, he explained that his company was basically going under and had no items to send and no money to refund. Also his website did not list any products for sale.

So this has now dragged on for over a year. I cant tell you how much this has put me and my friend off the sport as basically we have had over £5000 stolen from us.

Last week i checked his website, now, it looks to me that he is back in business with new products for sale.

So i email him requesting him to reply about our situation, guess what? No reply.

Right, now i'm really looking for a bit of guidance on what we can do but also i want to inform you all just be careful who you trust £12000 with!

If i were to do it all again, I WOULDN'T GO NEAR HIS COMANY WITH A BARGE POLE!!!!!

Thanks for listening (Sorry it was so Long)

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Thanks for posting. It is important that we hear about how companies behave when things don't go "smoothly". We're very keen to praise on forums but often afraid to write when things go badly wrong. I think this is partly because of legal fears and partly because when you expose how a dealer has been at fault, their mates often come on the forums and give a dozen "examples" of how they have been great. I've been in a similar position with Paul Haxby (AXB Sports) for over 18 months now and it has cost me the price of a new paramotor. It turns out that I'm not the first to get into this position - but if the previous case/s had posted their experience on the forums I might not have been stung myself. In my case I don't expect to ever see my money or paramotor again. In your case I do think you need to keep pushing and keep posting until you get the money back.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the heads up on these issues, but this is what the small claims court is for.

Up to £10k

Up to 6 years to claim from breach of contract

Inexpensive process to go through

Details are here -


Would be interested to hear how you got on. Usually just starting the process is enough to sh*t them up enough to play fair!

Good luck,


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