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Are There Any Trade Shows in The UK ?


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I was wondering if there are any fly-ins or trade shows where 'everyone' goes to showcase their products?

It would be nice to examine Parajet, Pap, Bailey, AirConception, Bulldog etc back to back.

I know there is the Hull Championship event coming up but I've been told that not many manufacturers show there as most of the attendees already have equipment..


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Your best bet is to go to the flyins and look at people kit there.

You will also in most cases find out about niggles that the manufacture would not always tell you ;-)

SW : D

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If you are travelling down near to Wiltshire then why not pop into the Parajet factory, someone will always happily show you around and you can try a Zenith or Volution on for size. Just give Sales Manager Tom a ring beforehand....

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What's the date?

Here's what they say on the Parafest Facebook page:

"Set in the beautiful surroundings of North Wales this summer - Parafest 2015.

The UK's first festival of flight dedicated to paragliding and paramotors.

Market area, demo's and displays, fun comps and entertainment for all.

Paragliding and paramotoring for suitably skilled and insured pilots.

Camp and showground all within the bottom landing fields of the popular free flying site Llangollen, North Wales, June 12-14.

Downhill mountain bike track also available for use with regular uplifts for bikes and pilots.

On site bar, live music Friday and Saturday nights in the marquee and all weekend camping.

Website with full details January 2015"

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