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Respecting the Distance Turbulence Can Travel.


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On Wednesday evening I misjudged the conditions quite badly. I flew from a field I've used a lot, there are big trees and large hills some distance away (standard here, we don't do flat) and I've flown from here in good winds before. I was slightly complacent, probably because of over familiarity, and should have been more careful.

The first hint was the wing was hesitant to launch despite the good wind. After lift off the wing steered left and momentarily went into what felt like free fall and then it was a fight to gain height. Landing back was impossibly dangerous and I had to abort and land somewhere much more sensible (with a long walk back).

The turbulence reached for a considerably greater distance than I reckoned it would at a site I knew well (I'd checked forecasts, wind speed, local weather station live data, etc.). Big lesson learned, I am now reassessing all of my sites with regard to potential obstacle turbulence risk. I may also have to campaign for the Brecon Beacons to be levelled.

Fortunately, last night's flight was a gentle waft around the hills which made up for it.

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Hi Stevie

I'll sign your petition to level the hills, they cause weather over here in sunny Bristol if the directions correct - Bring on the JCB's!!


We may have an uphill battle on our hands.

Yes but if you win it will be all down hill from then on

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