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Climate change?


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My wife tells me that it's me...but I don't think she's referring to external climate issues :oops:

I'm with you there Dan :roll:

If only the jet stream would stick to its normal position we should be fine.

The fact that it keeps moving really b*ggers things up.

I had my best flight of the year last night, though that's not saying much as there haven't been many to choose from. Over an hour and no wind :dive:

On the beer now so no flying tonight, hic.

Cheers, Alan

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The world is getting windier:

http://news.nationalgeographic.co.uk/ne ... vironment/

According to research conducted by Universities in Melbourne and Canberra, where they measured global wind speeds across the oceans, using data from satellites, they found the speeds of the fastest winds have increased by around 5% in the last 20 years. Although it feels like more.

They don't know if it's the result of climate change or a natural long-term cycle


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