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Ozone Slalom


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Does anyone have any first hand experience or information they can pass on regarding this wing?

The marketing sounds like exactly what I love doing...low level cross-country while cutting turns around trees, water towers, grain silos and anything else more than a few feet high. Of course that's marketing. What's the real story?

My typical good weather flight is 30-50km "down on the deck" with some periods up around 500m to check location and give my arms a rest.

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I have experience flying all the tops wings (GTR, Hadron, Viper, etc..) and will say that the Ozone Slalom is my favorite. It is by far the easiest to fly in my opinion and has the most usable performance of all the top wings. The lunch is stupid simple and the wing is very efficient for a 21m.

I will try and type out a more detailed review when I have more time this week.


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I've now had a chance to do a few flights on the 21m Slalom.

The Launch is fast it comes up very quickly and you have to catch it (she wants to fly) But it takes of in just a few steps even in light winds..

The trimmers/risers will take a little bit of time to get used to if you have not flown Ozone, The multi ball system is very user friendly in the air but can fell a little bulky on launch at first. Make sure its clipped up!!!

Flying, It is fairly fast, rough figures for me were 60kph on fast trim no bar. The brakes are nice and light on slow trim, There is a nice feel to the Brakes and Multiball when on fast trim, "if you fly a Speedster you will feel right at home with the Slalom.

The risers have allot of attachment point to get the right setting for your equipment and can take a few flights to get it set to your liking. I would leave it alone until you have had 3-4 flights to get the feel for the wing as it is very ative and like to turn!!

In a nut shell if your a Ozone fan you will love this wing!! i am still too fly my 20m GTR and can't wait to fly them back to back...

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