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I won't totally disagree with you Pete. But it might be more accurate to say, if you do a search on here you'll find some of what you need to know. Look everywhere else and you'll find most of the rest. Then decide what suits your requirements by the process of ellimination and trial and error, much expense and a few bruises. And at some stage you become a paramotorist


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As a recent trainee, I'd suggest that there's no substitute for hands-on experience when choosing a wing.

I didn't buy my own wing until I had almost acheived CP (Club Pilot qualification under the BHPA scheme).

Find yourself a school or some willing local pilots. Try ground handling as many different wings as you can.

In your first year of training and flying, it is easy to become frustrated by a wing that you can't get off the ground. Don't worry about the limitations of a 'beginners' wing, you can always upgrade when you're ready.

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