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Hi everyone,

Just before i ask this, this is no plea or sob story about money, i just simply would like some advice about the costs and funding.

So here goes. Could anyone give me the costs for training and a decent set up for someone like me, im currently 15 and i am 5'7" and weigh around 55KG so any prices on equiptment for these second hand? I've been told around £3000 to £3500, but anyone got it cheaper?

Also training, what training is there, for cheap?

As im a teenager at home, i don't have that much money, without eating into the savings, which i guess if it will help me get my dream job as a pilot ( i'll be getting flying hours), i might beable to do that, but that will be down to my parents. But im wondering if anyone can tell me prices, and how people afford it?

Thank you



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Hi Mike, I have learned that with this sport you get what you pay for. If you buy an old knackered motor, you will probably end up spending money on it.

I think you might get a motor and wing for about £3k.

There is no cheap training I'm afraid and would question it if it was offered. Do not skimp on that!

Training should cost £1000 - £1500 I would imagine now.

How do people afford it? Everyone is different and at different stages of life with different amounts of disposable income.

I'm not sure PPG hours will count towards flying hours for flight training I'm afraid. You will get lots of helpful advice on here. I would certainly not buy anything until you have instruction and ask your instructor advice.


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I thought it might be those prices, just wanted to comfirm. I guess the only thing i could do is save my pennys :)

The hours i meant by, on my Cv i can then put everything i have done, such as Air cadets for 2 years, air traffic control training and then i could add maybe 1000 hours of paramotoring? It will give me that edge over everyone else. but my main reason out of it all, is to beable to fly easily, without having to store an aircraft. Flying is everything to me, id happily not have a car and only have a paramotor, so i can come home from school, and simply go out for an evening flight, so thats why id love to get into this sport.




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