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Yaesu vx170


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I have the above 2 metre transciever, I accidently changed the channel when it was in my pocket some time back on an XC, I then tried to find the number lock setting on it so it did not happen again, however since pressing lots of different buttons it now seems to only receive and not transmit my voice, but when I tested it with another radio, the other radio picked up the signal but you could not hear me talking, I have a manual for the radio but it does not have a troubleshooting giude at all.

When I key the mike a message reading "error" comes up on the display, does anyone have the same and had the same problem and is there a way to reset it back to the factory settings?

Thanks, Dave

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Dave, here's the rest procedure:

Turn radio off.

Press and hold the MONI switch (just below the PTT) and turn radio on.

Rotate the DIAL knob to select the choice from the reset menu: F1 SETRST

Press the F key to finish.

Cheers, Alan

Thanks Al, I have done the above but wont know if it worked until I meet up with someone else with a 2 metre radio.

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