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50 paragliders on Mont Blanc

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I have been up there, but didn't get to the top by flying - it was a two day walk! It is amazing to see how still the air is on the summit of a 4800m mountain - those days must be very rare. This has reignited my ambition to learn to paraglide. I was bouncing in and out of thermals today but just couldn't get the hang of climbing. One day...

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Mate, I can hook you up with someone local to you who can give you some pointers with Thermalling. :-)

Suss them out on a Paramotor, (since you have it already) then do a Paragliding course :-)


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I was paragliding in St Hilaire France last week, & there was plenty of talk about this. It is illegal for paragliders to land on the top of Mont Blanc & although it appears the police/French CAA will not take any action on this occasion they have made it known they will prosecute anyone else who lands up there.

Shame it looks really cool (but well out of my flying ability)

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