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Paramotor fuel injection


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Had some correspondence with Matt at Ecotrons back in April about a kit for my Black Devil and he replied:

> Hi, Tim,

We did Cors-Air BD engine. Now it's not PNP yet. There are a few things to be taken care.

1) Throttle body adaptor

2) charging capability is not enough for EFI, so some charging system upgrade is needed;

3) fuel pump location could be better packaged.

If you can take care these yourself, then it's ok.

thx, Matt

Although not impossible to do these mods it would be a lot less hassle to start with a more suitable motor ( preferably 4 stroke with a decent charging system to run a 3 bar in-tank fuel pump continuously)

My thoughts were to rob all sensors , throttle body , injector and fuel pump off of some modern fuel injected 125cc motorbike like a yzf and connect it to a fully programable ecu so it could be mapped for perfect fueling at any altitude.

I should be able to ditch my 2 reserve tanks , saving about 6 kgs of fuel and still have the same range.

I believe a tuned pipe is still required on a 2 stroke so that the pulse wave returning back up the pipe pushes unburnt mixture back into the cylinder .

All I need now is that 4 stroke motor.


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Looks interesting- does the tuned pipe become redundant now, or do you still need it? In theory you should not need a tuned pipe if the injection mix is right.

Unfortunately, you're stuck with the big, ugly, noisy tuned pipe. The pipe helps to scavenge the cylinder (remove exhaust and draw in fresh air) and accounts for a significant proportion of the power of a modern 2 stroke.

I'd be interested to see how the gain in power balances against the extra electrical requirements and weight. I can see it working out OK for something with an existing high capacity electrical system and not too weight sensitive (i.e. scooter) - not so sure for a paramotor.

The Ecotrons system is manifold injection - not direct cylinder injection which can give more significant advantages.


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