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TBH Phil, If I had built that myself, I'd be proud!

But, the wire connections without some serious sealed heatshrink will break in no time at all.

There was quite a big discussion on the Yahoo group about measuring fuel accurately for these small motors. The flow rate is not enough to work well with 'cheaper' flow meters.

To measure the kind of flow rates we experience accurately would require a rather expensive piece of kit. And that would push the end unit price way higher than £99!!

Why not just use the mirror on the cord trick?

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In all seriousness I thought so much about this and now the mirror on a retractable key chain is really the best thing so far. Hangs off my leg strap and the mirror is tucked into my little side pocket.




these are nice

http://www.ebay.com/itm/retracting-conv ... 2ec0ba9bad

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I think I need to get myself onto Brazilian Ebay. That looks far better than what I was looking at!!

The fuel meter looked like a good idea, if it worked, but I was a bit sceptical - hence the question.

Just a bit peeved that my motor is drinking so much fuel & thought it could be useful in seeing if my fuel burn actually is as bad as I think it is.

I think I'll just stick with the good old fashioned measuring jug. Then go flying with different trim settings & measure exactly how much I'm getting.

6.5-7ltrs/hr from a Thor 100 pottering around with trims fully in or at most half out seems a bit excessive though, or maybe that's what they all do??

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I spoke to the manafacturer, who said this was OK.

I have to say I'm not convinced. I will take the plug out, clean it & then do a proper plug chop.

I've looked at the tank & fuel lines - both OK. The prop is clean too.

My climb rate is a bit low (I can get, at best, 100ft/min) so I'm thinking it is too rich. I'm not really happy to tinker myself so I'll take it to someone who I trust to tinker without killing it. The motor was recently re-built, but has now flown around 6 hours - so I'm guessing it should be fully loosened up by now.

I'll clean the plug, run it up & do a proper plug chop first & see what that looks like & go from there.

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Is it achieving max RPM?

Is it 4-stroking?

Best way to do a plug chop is with a new plug Phil!

The best indicator is the 'smoke ring' at the base of the ceramic insulator.

To get a proper visual on this involves cutting down the side of the plug thread with a hacksaw to remove a section of metal.

The list goes on and on for this procedure - just get an AFR meter!!

Have a look on the net for plenty of plug chop ideas.......

There will be loads of opinions!

How about a Bailey???? :oops:

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