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girl wanting to fly

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My name is carmen, I am 16 and i am thinking about learning to paramotor with my father, is there any other girls doing this round my age?

Also I have been watching some video clips of pilots paramotoring and the only thing that is worrying me is wing collapse, would my weight make it more risky of collapse. And is it common for collapse to happen?


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Hi Carmen,

I don't think there are many girls your age currently learning, but that means you could be one of the top British female pilots in a few years .... :) Wish I had the opportunity to fly at 16 !

Wing collapses are extremely rare in normal flying conditions, easily avoided and usually harmless unless close to the ground. Don't worry about them for now.

Your weight is not an issue as there are lots of small wings and light motors available now to keep you in the same 'proportion' as everyone else - although not all training schools may have them in your size.

Good luck,


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I feel better now I know that it's rare and can be avoided, but what are the tips to avoiding it? When are the best times to fly in the year? Also I believe thermals are another cause of wing collapse, is there any instruments to find thermals? or do you just have to go out and hope for the best that to you don't get in to one. Also thermals are used for lift, but do you avoid them on a paramotor? Also what sort of wing would you recommend, with good protection against collapse, because that is giving me the willies :/.

Is there any trainers that you recommend for me in my area.

What's bakery?

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Really, don't worry about it for now as it is all part of the training. You will learn to fly in very calm air where you should never get a collapse or anything. Air is a fluid like water, always moving - but you will fly in the equivalent of a still lake, not a raging river !! :lol:

Thermals can easily be avoided by not flying in the middle of the day (hot sun causes them), and modern wings are extremely safe, collapse resistant and recover quickly from any problems. You should learn on an EN A or B rated wing (safest) but don't even consider buying anything until you have started training. Much of the training is learning to control the wing safely on the ground. Get good at this and the actual flying will be easy.

Paul Allmark (http://www.fly-paragliders.co.uk/) and Paul Kilburn (http://www.manchesterparagliders.com/) are probably closest to you for training.

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"Your weight is not an issue as there are lots of small wings and light motors...."

That was a risky response to the delicate matter of a girl's unspecified weight :lol:

There were a couple of girls at Beeston last weekend, I believe both just passed their EP (on the tow, not power)


Bailey 175

Ozone Indy

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That was a risky response to the delicate matter of a girl's unspecified weight :lol:

Carefully risk assessed and tactical response ..... :lol: Now if the question had been "is there a wing & motor big enough to cope with my addiction to chocolate cake ?" ..... :?:wink:

I've also seen a few girls taking up PG here, but nowhere near the numbers of young students in France .... I blame the UK weather !!

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Yes, nothing is a problem for young, slim girls ...... it is only old, fat, ugly blokes who struggle ! lol :lol:

16 is considered the minimum age to start flying solo - and even if there are some restrictions initially you have a lifetime to enjoy the freedom of the air.

There is a handy little guide to all forms of free flying that you might find useful : http://www.bhpa.co.uk/pdf/BHPEPTrainngGuide.pdf

.... although I must point out that there are alternative training schemes available, and similar information is available on this website (is that OK Simon ? :wink: )

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