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Under 24K Over 65kg Thrust


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Parajet Zenith adds the Vittorazi Moster : Wed, 11 July, 2012 09:41:06

Parajet has added the Moster engine to the Zenith range giving a choice of 5 engines. Top80, Polini Thor 100 & 200, Bailey V5 and now the Vittorazi Moster. With the Moster the Zenith becomes one of the lightest, high power machines available on the market. Weighing in at an expected 23kg with over 70kg thrust [...]


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Air Conception have made their lightweight titanium-frame Ultra 130 paramotor even lighter with the replacement of the exhaust with a new titanium model.

20.7 kg, including harness, propeller and battery.

ULTRA 130 engine of 25HPat 9700 RPM

Static thrust of 65kg with 130cm propeller

Centrifugal clutch

Monocylinder, 2 cycle forced air cooled

Malossi cylinder of 128 cm3

Electronic ignition

Ceramic and graphite coated piston

Compression rate of 11:1

WB37 Walbro carburator

Hélicoidal gear box type 3.8/1

Serial type electric starter

3K carbon exhaust silencer

Optional Titanium silencer

13L fuel tank

Grade 2 Titanium frame

140cm fold down type cage of 16mm/14mm carbon 3K struts

2-part 125cm propeller

Comes with a comfortable harness made of Cordura light, with automatic buckle and composite seat board.


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Manual Start Electric Start

Motor: Polini Thor 200 Polini Thor 200

Performance: 29 HP a 7400 R.P.M. 29 HP a 7400 R.P.M.

Carburetor: Walbro or PWK carburetor Walbro or PWK carburetor

Exhaust: Tuned tuned

Reduction: 2,8 reduction ratio 2,8 reduction ratio

Empty Weight: 17,5 Kg 18,5 Kg

Max. Weight:

Thrust: 80kg plus 80kg plus

Fuel Consumption: 3-4 l per hour 3-4 l per hour

Propeller (2 Blade): wooden or carbon wooden or carbom

Electrical System: 12 volt via regulator

Tank: 16 litre

Construction: T6 alloy

Propeller Frame: double hoop

Battery: 12 volt with electric start

Harness: Dudek or Supair

Hang Points: 5 options

Other: Clutch and smart starter standard

Don't know I buy the weight on this on.... thirsty one 3-4l per hour lol 80k thrust with wood lol

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Where do you get spare for the ultra 130? Few places.

Where can you get spares and support for Moster? Loads of places.

That weight on the kangook thor200 is engine only. Expect complete unit to be 28-29 kg

Glad you read the news. Got a moster zenith on order, will report with photos, video etc

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I don't disagree I was just rounding up the motors that fit into this category. Add some if you guys know of more.

The Parajet Zenith with monster is a sexy unit! lol

But what I can see is the ones that are in the low end 20-23k are all taking on the same shape. I guess they don't have to many options when your working on HP to Weight ratios

cheers guys

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Apologies if I'm hijacking this thread:

As manufacturers look to improve power/weight ratio, one factor which will always suffer is the strength and stiffness of the cage. The cage is something we really can't do without. While it may be possible to fly without one, I doubt anyone would want to.


I wonder what the trade-offs are with a ducted fan design. A fan requires a fairly rigid duct which could be made as a carbon monocoque. The smaller physical size would be inherently stiffer and would not require dismantling for transportation. A smaller diameter fan can run at higher RPM, perhaps removing the need for reduction drive. An added bonus of high fan RPM is low torque reaction.

Ducted fans appear to be reasonably effecient at low velocities, only losing out to open propellors at higher airspeed.

Some data here http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?18868-Fan-Thrust-Calculator

shows a 900mm fan generating around 82kg thrust from 33HP. If one were looking for 40kg thrust, the fan diameter could be reduced, possibly to 500mm or so.

I feel a weekend of CAD coming on....


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looking around at whats going on at the moment with regards motor design is heartening, the sport I feel is getting more popular and is allowing for manufacturers to invest more in the R&D needed to push the sport forward.

motor design is always restricted by certain criterier (sp), the prop behind us, the need for protection from prop strikes, ie having to have a cage etc.

but we are edging ever closer to the ultimate motor.

I think the new crop of motors offering higher thrust and lower wieght are somewhat driven by the wish to fly ever smaller wings.

one day we will all be flying around at 100kph on tiny wings, with very light motors returning 1litre an hour fuel economy and still be able to throw it around the pylons low down.

hopefully we will still be unregulated at that point, but dont hold your breath.


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I think out range of flight will bring in regulation in the future. If we do get to the point of flying at 100kmh for 5 hours, that would then raise the issue. As you know I fly the GTR and can already happily reach 70kmh. My question now is how fast do you want to go and for how long? with out a fairing.

Anyone recommend some goggles, I don't like full visor helmets. My sun glasses are not cutting out enough air and I'm crying all the time. lol.

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Full add;

Parajet Zenith adds the Vittorazi Moster

Parajet has added the Moster engine to the Zenith range giving a choice of 5 engines. Top80, Polini Thor 100 & 200, Bailey V5 and now the Vittorazi Moster.

With the Moster the Zenith becomes one of the lightest, high power machines available on the market. Weighing in at an expected 23kg with over 70kg thrust with the 130cm helix carbon propeller, with its many ground breaking design features Parajet are leading the way in paramotor designs.

Just don't know if it has the harness. That would be a crazy powerful unit and light.

http://www.earthairandwater.com/blog/20 ... zi-moster/

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It would be a remarkable feat of engineering to build a unit weighing less than 24 kg with a Moster engine , including the prop and harness , exhaust and everything needed to fly

Apparently Air Conceptions Moster Titanium weighs 21.9 Kgs..

Goggles....Can't recommend these highly enough..


Small form factor, pretty much draft proof, perfect all round vision (unlike ski goggles) and only a tenner!! so you can afford to break/ scratch/ loose a pair and not cry coz there go your +£100 Oakley's/ Black Flies etc.

OK, in the depths of winter they may mist up while you are on the ground, but as soon as you take off they are fine. Buy a dark set and a clear set, then you can swap over as the sun goes down.

I have nothing to do with the company by the way, just bought a few as I break/ scratch or loose them.


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thanks for the goggle links.

I was looking at these

http://www.blu-eye-uk.com/blueye-online ... blue-clear

all your suggestions are worth a look.

Moster engine is 12.9kg, harness 2.7, then remains, fuel tank, carabiners, nut bolts, pluming, prop (wood props are lighter than carbon!!!) and Frame.

Our titanium from was 4kg, our carbon frame 2kg, stainless frame is 6.5kg, ali frame range between 5-6kg mostly. I expect zenith to be in the 4kg area.

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