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African adventure

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I am new to paramotoring but want to learn as I want to raise funds for African education.

The idea is to fly from Goodwood to Cape Town.

Ambitious yes.............

Little acorns to mighty oaks theory.

Just picture dozens of canopies around & below you as you meander along the Great Rift Valley.

Gonna need a lot of help & ideas, so come forward please...........


Catamaran racer in need of new sport.

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I love flying in Africa, It houses some amazing places to fly!!!

Your adventure is ambitious for sure, but if you have the time to make it happen, do it! :-) It will be one of those great life adventures that put's everything else in to perspective.


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Hi I stay in Cape Town , if you come let me know if we can be of any help , technical assistance , or a place to stay . Cape Town is a nice place to fly , make your trip to L'Augulas the most southern tip of Africa only 180 km further , if you need any help or info let me know , all the best , Thys

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Another push forward.

Trying a couple of big names today for sponsorship,

Ground crew will not keep up, so will need lots of stop off's. That's going to be a big list.

Is there a meet in the south soon?


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Do you have any ideas of the time of year you will be attempting this adventure.... As a new pilot I personally think this trip is very adventurous and could be over your head "when it come to the conditions" Esp flying in spain, Africa, etc

I would make sure you have plenty of thermalling experience and May be go out and do an SIV before you start this trip. :explode:

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More positively,

Include X number of hours in to your prep before you leave for what will be an awesome adventure than many will never attempt.

People learn to fly in Spain and indeed Africa so its not all bad, Flying in the Sahara early and late is amazing! flying in the day is a no no ( no matter who you are ) the thermals will spit you out of the sky and take the kit to it's max! which I know from experience. The West coast, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco is a stunning place to fly (and cover distance) and if you stick to the coast the weather is doable all day most of the time.

You will get nothing but support from me. Nothing is impossible, you just need to find a way. :-)


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Not being negative Simon :)

And i know flying in spain and africa is not all bad.. But a new pilot may not know when conditions are getting worse and could get in trouble... Everyone has dreams about there flying i know i do... But a total novice may not know exactly what there geting them selves in too..

If you need any help or just want to come and fly when you have finished your training give me a shout...

If there is a space for me count me in!!!

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I would like to begin this adventure in about 4 years from now.

I will learn as much as I can about all aspects.

I am already a qualified yachtsman so at least I can navigate. I will need an expert on:





Etc. Etc.

A big name would possibly have these people to hand, Hmmm Sir Richard Branson maybe..........

Sponsors will also be required, then we can think about raising money for the African childrens education. I have already met the people running the Kesho project in Kilifi, Kenya.

They are doing a fine job but they need our spare cash, all over Africa there are kids with a very bleak future.

This could raise a great deal of hope for these kids.

I know its a massive task, but as I said before.....

From little acorns grow mighty oaks.

Mail can be sent to:

Ken Green

Bognor Regis Yacht club

Victoria Road South

Bognor Regis

West Sussex

PO21 2NA

No cash yet please, however if you want to help the children now. Google Kesho Project Kenya.


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