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Learning to fly in Suffolk

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Hi guys, I have been lurking here for around 5-6 months now, reading of your adventures as an unregistered user.

I planned to make it a new years resolution this year to learn to para motor! I am really eager to learn. Having just graduated university I have some spare time on my hands, and I'm wondering if it is something I should be learning before I start work! At the moment I can get out any day the weather would let me!

I'm a fairly fast learner, although the only thing I have done similar to para motoring is a bit of power kite flying.

I was wondering where the best place to learn near Suffolk would be? Are there any instructors on here in Suffolk or Norfolk?

Is it best to go for a x number of days course, and have done with it? Or is it better to learn with local people? I know SimonW is highly rated on this board, and I have considered travelling to have instruction from him, but it is a long journey for me.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks. :)

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Deffo take advantage of your free time.

I started in January and made rapid progress until April, when the weather lost the plot. I haven't flown in over 2 months, due to work, weather and other commitments and I'm really itching to get in the air again before I forget everything.

Keep us informed of your progress. When I finally qualify, I'll be looking for some local-ish flying buddies.


Bailey 175

Ozone Indy

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Slight bump... :oops:

For what it's worth I definitely recommend Alex & Mike at SaberAce too. I live in mid-Suffolk and have been training with them this year. Right now I feel I'm making sound progress under clear, concise instruction.

See "Bob Bites the Bullet" in the Training Blogs section:


Hopefully it will help to inspire you to go for it as soon as possible; I guarantee you won't regret it! Gizza shout if you want to chat about it or meet up.


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