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  1. Niviuk Doberman2 19m paramotor wing for sale. Weight range 80 - 140KG Just coming up to 12 months old and done 75 hours. Very wide speed range (43 - 76KMh) Comes with PK system, can be used with or without it. Comes with stuff sack etc. In great condition. A great wind for an intermediate or advanced pilot. I'm only selling as I'm getting another the same. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162678671401?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Open to sensible offers outside ebay (no time wasters please)
  2. Pic of casing for circuit. I have found that on the ground the radios work fine, but in the air I think the engine noise reduces usability, so have to come off the throttle.
  3. Microavionics told me that they don't do an adapter, so made my own up using the following circuit and made a connector box to house it in.
  4. My Bailey used to pull to the right, so I had to use the torque steering on the WRC wing, that was when I had the reserve on the right. I moved the reserve to the left and the problem went away. It's surprising how much difference a reserve can make.
  5. I've been playing around with different speedbar settings on my Bailey V5, to try and make it more comfy. The standard set up is fine for short usage, but it's not comfy enough to keep it on for more than 30 mins. Has anybody played around with different setups (putting pulleys in different places etc). I'd be interested in other people's set ups, any motor, to look at different set ups. Pics would be useful. Thanks.
  6. Alex at Footflight is good, it's the nearest to Ipswich. Where abouts in Ipswich are you, I live in Kesgrave. Paul
  7. To all those people who are nervous about doing a comp, they shouldn't be. I done my first comp last year and learnt a huge amount. I went straight into the British Open last year and enjoyed every minute of it, although it was a very steep learning curve. Now there is an opportunity to do the discovery alongside the main comp it gives an excellent opportunity to learn without taking a big step. This was my second Open comp and again it was enjoyable, I improved my skills and gained experience, and managed 2nd place. Everybody is willing to help, without judging you. So it proves that if you put the effort in you too can achieve. Paul Martin
  8. All sorted now, perhaps it was an electrical fault. Removed and checked/cleaned all electric parts, changed fuel, and gave everything a good clean. She now runs like Paula Ratcliff used to . And more importunity it stops.
  9. I have changed the plug and I've not changed the timing, valve clearances are okay, so not sure how that could be out. The engine starts and runs fine. The other possible cause could be electrical, so I have removed and cleaned all electrical contacts to see if it make a difference. Upon testing on the ground al is fine, but it was last time also. I'll hopefully get out tonight and see what happens. I've also got rid of the fuel and replaced with new Esso, so will see what happens.
  10. I think my V5 needs a de-coke and it is starting to run-on when stopping it. With a 2 stroke it's easy to take the head off, but with a 4 stroke, I was unsure about removing the timing chain and getting the valves setting's right after. Is there an easy way? Anybody got any advice. Do I also need a new gasket, or can you reuse the same one? Any advice welcomed.. Thanks Paul
  11. I've had issues stopping my engine (V5) on the last few flights. When trying to stop the engine after a flight it won't stop. It tries to stop but takes a few mins to to actually stop. The idle is lower, but not enough to stop it. On the ground it works fine, it's just after a flight (suspect when it's hot). I checked the wiring and it seems okay and after tonight's flight I have stripped all the electrics and cleaned all contacts. I'll try it on the ground again tomorrow, but won't know if it's fixed until I fly again, and that depends on the weather. Any ideas? Can the coil unit go faulty and cause stopping issues? I know others have had issues with a broken wire, but I've throughly checked them out. I hope now it's had a good Strip/clean it will be OK.
  12. HI, I've made the circuit and it works fine, except I don't get side tone on my Micro Avionics PM100 headset. Do I need to change the dip switches on the head set and if so does anybody know what I need to change to? Thanks in advance.
  13. Jack, Now that you've moved away, I'm happy to work with them, if they want somebody to work with.
  14. If we watch where we fly and keep away from sensitive areas, we can make it work for everybody. As this is my local area, I ensure that any low flying is done well away from sensitive areas.
  15. I've got one of these and they are great for when it's not too cold, but for the winter I use a Mercury flying suit. Heavy waterproof nylon with a pile lining. Not sure if they make them now, but they come up on ebay. But you will be warn in a t shirt even in the winter.
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