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Reserve parachute (need some imput)

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I have a Gin combi


and a Supair light weight chute.


Both are front mounts. Now they say simply connect the reserve to the main carabiners. I'm guessing they are implying connect the chute into the carabiners first then the glider this way the y bridle or bridle is on the backside of the carabiners so to speak

I really don't like this. I like having the y bridle running through the harness to shoulder attachments out of the way and neat. Miniplane does not have this on the standard harness

In my view is the glider normally falls in front and if your chute is connected on the main carabiners front side it will have a high possibility of getting tangled no?

If its on the backside of the carabiners I think there is less issue but then you always have you y bridle hanging in your lap.

Any one out there find a solution to this? Do I have to make something? The harness does have two nice shoulder straps/buckles I think you could attach too. I also found this y bridle that could prove to be nice and small to run down the side of the harness and out of the way.


I would like to get something that if I want the front mount harness its a quick connect away.

any ideas?



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You would have to find out if the shoulder straps have been load tested, you would not them to give way when the reserve opens :shock:

With the reserve on the front you can throw it with either hand, and you always throw it in to clear air anyway so it would not get tangled with the wing.

If its packed correctly you should only have enough of the Y bridal out of each side to reach the carabiners.

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If using front mounted reserve and ppg i would use main carabiners,the yeti reserve straps come in 80cm & 125cm-80cm if using with pg harness 125cm if ppg.im going for the yeti reserve straps when packed only the red ends stick out from pouch, nice i think,no lose straps floating about,info the reserve strap length is important .the reserve must be just shorter when opened so it inflates under main canopy,if reserve strap is 2 long it can hit main wing and not open as its caught in main canopy.so as soon as you throw the reserve you must start hauling main wing in or at least pull the brakes with lots of wraps.or use the b lines. i had reserve repack the other week and you would be surprised of how little room between main canpoy and reserve there is,very easy to have straps that are a tad 2 long....

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