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Flight around Isle of Wight


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30 March 2012 flying around the Isle of Wight. Weather worked out really well with a bit of convergence lift to get us up to about 2000ft then a full power climb to get the last 1500 ft to break thru the Inversion level. Above in the clear air a strong Northerly sped us down to the bottom of the island where we landed on top of a hill for lunch , then flew down to the bottom of the hill to a large soccer pitch where we landed to get fuel. Will plan to stop here next time for lunch in the pub. Then we cruised the cliffs to the needles with a gentle SE tail wind which gave a bit of lift once we got to Freshwater bay and the big chalk cliffs. Flew home along the NW coast stopping for a rest break along the way. Climbing up above the inversion to cross back to the mainland we hit our first headwind of the day. A little cruise around Portsmouth and the Naval dockyards. Never understood why they let you fly so close to a major military establishment, but then they bit build the Spinnaker tower looking down over everything.

Usual wingman Mark was collard by the missus for a day of Honeydews, so we call him up half way thru to tell him what he was missing.

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Not to sure about Bembridge air. It closed down last year, but may be in operation again as it is the only hard surface runway on the Island. We tend to avoid that corner and head for the more sparsely populated SW coast. Sandown is a friendly club style airport and a phone call will let you land there , with a shopping centre and fuel a quarter of a mile down the road it is also very convenient. We did have a struggle climbing out last time we went there due to a stiff wind coming over a small hill to the south of the airstrip , but still a very nice place to stop. The whole Island has a more friendly feel to the place as regards where you land than the mainland and we tend to just pick a remote field and land there. After landing yesterday above the st Catherine s point lighthouse a bunch of trainees and their paraglider instuctor turned up from Butterfly paragliding and were perfectly happy to see us.

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What a great day. Pub lunch next time Seymore! Mark I hope you're room is spotless :wink:

That sounds like a great idea!!! we will have to find a nice local pub with a big beer garden....

No my room is still messy but the garage and my paramotor are now clean :wink:

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