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Need better headset


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I'm very fond of my current setup with a icaro tz helmet and peltor ws alert a2dp bluetooth headset. Funcion wise it has what I like. But it has one major drawback, it isn't dampened enough. It's fine for level flight an have been okay for the last 3 years but last summer I pushed the limit of the motor to see how high I could get and that stressed my already bad ear so I have increased the tinnitus some.

So I have no choice but to increase the protection.

Microavionics seems like the best option at the moment. Possibly MP001 or MP001A http://www.microavionics.com/Paramotor%20Headsets.html

I thought about what I like to have and this is my list:

1. dampening has to be good

2. stereo music quality has to be good

3. communication would be nice to have with phone.

4. hear the surrounding at take off with volume limiter.

5. hear the vario when thermaling.

6. secondary connection for radio.

1, dampening I thrust to be good on this one. If I'm almost okay today so the mp001 should be perfectly fine since it is built on better cups.

2, Music is a must for me. I love having music in my ear when I fly around. Give it a try! I loved it more than I thought, it really adds to the free feeling of flying.

Is the sound quality good on the mp001?

3, this I know is possible, but have anyone used the cable directly to the iphone (3gs) or should I aim for the bluetooth adapter right away?

I prefer the functionallity of the phone and I have a few ideas to make a program to warn me about entering fly zones and a little bit of other things so I like the full functionality of that one.

4, Unfortunately this headset doesn't have this and my current one does. I bought it originally to be able to hear the vario without messing with my helmet when i had the motor on idle. and it's fine for that but it turns out that it is very practical for me to use on the ground as well before take off. I guess I have to live without it.

5, I don't want to mess with my helmet during thermaling so when I go on idle I would prefer to hear the vario directly. I'm not really sure how to achieve this. Maybe it is possible to use an external microphone close to the vario connected somehow to the headset or maybe use an helmet vario in combination with the flymaster b1 nav i have today. Another option would be to use an external microphone on the iphone and use that with the combination of the mp001. Probably bit tricky to get the iphone to work that way. Possible android phones are better but I would prefer the iphone since I can make programs for that one.

Any suggestions how to hear the vario?

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Hi Hemple

If you have a little knowledge and are fairley good with a soldering iron you can easily upgrade just the ear cup's from opti 11 to the opti 111, there up to about 120bd

I have just done this to my Icaro Scarab helmet and coms.

The helmet comes apart easily just leaving you to strip down the coms.

This is the cheapest option as the cups are only £20 and saves you from buying a whole new coms set. As your happy with your set up i would try this first.

You can contact Micro avionic's uk and get the peltor Opti111 cups. If you have any trouble contact me @ info@sussexparamotors.co.uk

Or 07867317307

Also going for the Gel ear seals will also help you with dampening

Happy flying


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Any suggestions how to hear the vario?

I have been wondering how I could possibly listen to my vario (never have).

The bleeper is a thin piezo sounder, probably the same in all varios. I am thinking of fitting a small socket on the side of the vario so I can plug in an external bleeper, then just put it inside the ear cup when i put my headset on.

Bleeper such as this one http://www.maplin.co.uk/wire-endedpiezo-sounder-3211



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Oh look at that, I didn't realize it was that easy to take them apart (just tested).

Peltor is a swedish company so it shouldn't be hard to find optime III here. Absolutely worth a try to upgrade the headset. My friends got them too so they'll be happy as well.

And I'll see if I can get my hands on gel ear seals, defintately leaking in noise through the seals now.

Thank you Mark that was good advice.

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