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How much thrust is reqd for tandem..?


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I discussed this with a few motor manufacturers and they all say it depends totally on the wing (and to a lesser extent on pilot ability).

With an efficient tandem wing, flown well within the certified weight range, then most 200+cc motors will suffice - even if some need a longer take off run. A fast reflex wing such as the Paramania Taxi or Dudek Nucleon Cabrio will need a lot more power to fly at full speed, or even to take off.

For my weight (102kg) Kobra recommended the Simonini Evo with a lighter passenger, or solo on a heavy trike. For 2 heavy pilots on a big duo trike they said it would need a Simonini mini 3, Victor, Rotax or Hirth engine ....

For foot launch tandem the limitation is motor weight, so the Simonini Evo is probably the biggest and best choice of motor - but more variables to consider than basic thrust.

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Take the effective GR of the wing with a motor on your back and passenger - circa 5:1 for a tandem setup.

Estimate the total weight - circa 200kg.

Stay level flight thrust is therefore 40kg.

Add 50% extra for flat take off = 60kg (minimum).

Variations on effective GR and weight will change the outcome. My efficient ENC PG wing suggests 18.5kg to stay in level flight.


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Seen a video of two adult pilots tandem takeoff with a miniplane 50kg thrust.

Seen a Thor 60kg thrust take two adults.

It depends how much tandem flying you want to do and the weight of your expected passengers.

Occasional tandem in ideal conditions the above shows what is possible.

Regular tandem with good safety margins requires big heavy powerfull motor 80kg thrust or more.

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Hi I agree it all depends if you use a certified tandem wing , there are a few tandem operators in Cape Town who make money out of tandem flights .They all use proper tandem wings and kit , some of them use PAP Black Devil 175 , PAP Moster 185 , PXP 180 Menari and one guy is using a Simonini . So you will see the smallest tandem machine is 175 cc , they all do it with ease even 0 wind , most of them do forward launches all the time . There have also been a couple of tandems on PAP Ros 125 with pilot 85 kg and passenger 105 kg , there is enough thrust but I wount do it all the time on a small motor the motor have to work too hard .

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