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Yesterdays flight


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Got a nice hours out and return flight in the afternoon. I thought the sky would be clearing but the forecast was wrong again :x

The cloud looked a bit black but it it wasn't as bad as it looks. The sun was shining edge on making it look darker. There was only a slight movement of the vario just needing a reduction in revs to stay straight and level.


I was glad I had wrapped up well with my winter flying suit on, even facing the sun it was not warm. The return leg looked a lot brighter and so nice to be flying as the weekend is forecast as blown out.


Hope you get some flying in this weekend folks :D

Cheers, Alan

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It's a bit of a b**ger when the viz is stopping play, what do you want with the horizon anyway :roll:

Got up again today for 1hr 9 min, fantastic.

I beat my previous altitude with 4032 feet this afternoon, and only used 4 litres for the whole flight :)

I got a peak descent rate of -1320 feet per min, average about -800 with full speedbar and fast trim, whoohoo.



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