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tiny tach problem


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May be you should have got a M1 :wink:

The less you have the less there is to go wrong!!!

Have you tried to reset the unit? Do you get any rpm hour display?

360 is the degrees of rotation IE 1 spark per rotation 180 will be 2 sparks per rotation. . hold the select button for 5 second then select the correct rotation wait 30seconds and it should return to the hour display then it will give you the correct rpm's.

Send me your email Matt and i will email you over a PDF manual

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i just got an email from the seller-

If you peel off the front sticker of the 2A you will see some greyish rubber materiel to the right of the switch.Straighten a paper clip, or something similar, and stick it into the rubber and move it about and up and down.What you are doing is trying to short the side of the lithium battery to reset the TT.It may take several attempts...This should work and unfreeze the unit.

Handy tip if you gotta un freeze or reset your hours as it did work BUT, it froze shortly after while running my motor on 2100 revs then turned off!! think i got a dud :shock:

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