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Icaro TZ Helmet.... Any good?


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I sold my Micro Avionics helmet to get one, it's excellent.

It is supposed to be possible to retrofit MA headsets but this proved impossible as the internals are not easily accessible (confirmed by the importers). But I wear a full headset underneath and that works fine. The chin strap is really simple to use and adjusting it and undoing it is easy. The main downside is if you want to mount a GoPro on the top as it has a spine in the centre, you just have to mount it on the front, like a caving/mining lamp would be.

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Finally got around to ordering the tz, came from Italy in under a week and it's a superb helmet! Very comfy and having the visor makes all the difference in the cold weather.

Need to figure out how to mount a gopro mount to the middle ridge though...

Throughly recommended para product !

Tom :-)

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Yes definitely a good helmet, I bought two. The visor is OK, but I do find that the cold winter air does leach around the sides a bit. I also have one without the visor, which I prefer to use with a ski mask or sunnies (only in warmer weather mind).

Now I use a Sony camera which has a variety of fixing clip thingies - some of which allow for a domed surface. As such I just glued mine slap bang in the middle. I did wonder why the go pro boys had their cameras mounted so far forward.

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To fix my camera I roughed up the area I wanted to stick it to with sandpaper. I then applied a big blob of well mixed araldite and plopped the clip thingy into it. I then used electrical tape to hold it and stop it slowly sliding anywhere else. I also kept going back every 10 mins and wiping up any running araldite, till it was dry. Both of my helmets were done this way and I've never had any issues.


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