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NATS, Marshall help required

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As you may or may not know, that British Nationals are on next weekend. I am not flying but have said that I am happy to marshall for a day. (as it happens this is likely to be a great way to spectate as well.)

I am driving up from Lambourn, so if anyone wants to help me to help the nats people, (one of which is Clive Bunce and also Dave H)

They need help, we can provide it whos with me?

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I'm registered to help for a few days. If you have insurance, marshall can also fly, so bring your kit and enjoy the view!

If you are new to the sport and cannot decide the wing/motor combination for you, my guess is every combination of wing and motor will be on display and in the air. And every piloy saying his or hers are the best ;-)



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I had two great hot day helping out. Loads of nice people, wings and motors I'd not seen or heard about before.

About 70 pilots of all shapes and ages. The very small '16' year old French boy was amazing. A very skilled pilot (future champion?) and strong enough to manage any motor.

My highlights were: watching the kicking sticks and measuring the accuracy landing. Even in very thermic conditions, a few looked like they'd never miss the 25cm spot. Well done Rachel Hairs, you were one of them!

Chatting with Giles next to the Everest motor inside a Nepalese tent, added to the maddness/magic....

It is on until Tuesday noon-ish. If you can find the time, it is worth the visit.



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