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Close(ish) call of the ‘What’s that brown adrenaline’ kind.


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Those of you that follow my posts will know that I usually have the sky to myself; it’s very rare to share it with anything else.

This morning as I was setting out and getting kitted up the clouds were developing but there was very little wind.

The wind direction shifted 90° a couple of times but I waited and then took off into wind at 10:56.

The motor was at full chat, I had got to 130 feet and two fast jets passed to my right about 800 feet away, at I guess 250 feet agl.

B******s! I had checked the notams before I left home and they were active only in the eastern and southern zones, not the centre :shock:

I continued climbing but I bumped into cloud base at 900 feet. Shirley called me on the radio and said ‘did you hear those jets?’ to which I replied ‘no but I saw them alright’ :!:

I thought if those jets come round again I am not very far removed from their play area so I turned around and came back to the field.

Still, all airtime is good (providing you don’t get knocked out of it :o ) and I can come back this evening.



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Glad you're ok Alan, reminds me of free flying the Malverns in the last century, soaring way out in front of the hills about 1000ft ATO when an RAF Hercules/Belfast flew underneath us....... This was in the days when they could afford to fly these things.

Never had anything like what you encountered. Other than a nosey private helicopter over Clent eventually forcing me to land for safety reasons.....


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I should listen to my own advice :oops:

Ask local pilots :roll:

When I was back at the field in the afternoon Michel told me that the Armée de l'Air always have a play on Tuesday mornings, and everyone knows they treat the whole of G airspace as their playground. I haven't twigged before that it's always Tuesday :?

What I didn't say above is that the jets came from behind me, so the first I knew of them was when they appeared to my right.

Anyway I got another flight in, went over to a huge solar PV installation and took a couple of pictures.




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