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Classifieds V Auction


Which would you prefer?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Which would you prefer?

    • Keep the classifieds section the way it is but mend it.
    • Get some new auction software balls to the cost.

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I am looking into alternatives for the classifieds ads section of the site. It works VERY well indeed as a sales tool for everyone but the software is a little to clunky for me.

If we do change to auction software, it would mean that people would have to start paying a small amount to list items for sale. EG

Under £100 - £1

£100-£300 £2

£300-£500 £3

£500-£800 £4

£800-£1000 £5

£1000+ £6

This is due to the cost of the implementation of the software and I think a fair amount to ask.

We will of course work out a discount for paid members :-) (most likely 50%)

Please place your vote.


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Could those of you who have voted to keep the existing classifieds please let me know why you think this is a better option than an auction?

Is it the cost?

If so, I may just do it anyway.

As has been mentioned, this would be a better place for new pilots to buy from someone they at least have direct contact with and know from the forum.

It would be WAY cheeper than E-bay

And a targeted market.

I just can't get into my head, why you would think the classifieds is better, (apart from the money aspect) in which case... as I say, I may just do it anyway as thats a poo reason.


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Could those of you who have voted to keep the existing classifieds please let me know why you think this is a better option than an auction?

Is it the cost?

I voted no because I don't like the system of bidding on things - it is impersonal to both buyer and seller. Much better to see what someone is selling something for (or state your asking price if selling), then make contact, discuss the deal and agree a price acceptable to both sides - particularly with PG / PPG equipment where people should be encouraged to ask questions about the age, condition, history etc.

Is that just me being old fashioned or do people want some extra excitement from an e-bid / auction style sale ??

By all means charge a fee for classified ads if it helps cover your costs, as I still think that would work better than an auction.

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Hi Simon,

for me it's (for once) NOT about the money, It's like everything, people will most likely add the cost of sale into the deal and cover it that way. I've found that forums with a like minded membership (such as this one) tend to have a pretty simple, but well functioning classified section. If it's not working in its "as-is" state with the 2.5K users of the site is that because the admin overhead is exhaustive or the software itself is poor? I'm not sure that an auction site is a magic wand. Perhaps the middle ground is see whether the existing stuff can be fixed and then take a vote after?

As I said, just my tuppence worth.



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I had a meeting with the web geeks for this site yesterday.

The Classifieds V Action conversation came up.

We have found a solution which I think will keep everyone happy wich will be both a buy it now area (same as classifieds section) and a fully functional Auction section. All PMC members will be able to sell an item via both means for a very small listing charge.

An example when compared to e-bay (when the price reduction is introduced in May 2012)

E-bay: Listing fee (£0.99) to (£3.99)

E-bay: Sellers fee 10% of the final sale price.

E-bay: based on a sale of £100 would cost you a whopping £11.

PMC Auction example.

PMC: Listing fee £1.

PMC: Sellers fee £0

PMC: based on a sale of £100 would cost you £1.

We will be encouraging trade customers to include products in this auction.

I hope this will prove to be a happy medium for what I think is currently a poo ( although very effective indeed ) classifieds section.


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I dont actually think the classifieds is broken.. I bought my wing second hand using it. Worked brilliantly and has also provided further contacts for other equipment I might need to buy.

I dont like the idea of bidding for anything just like aquatix said in his post earlier..

I do however undertand the strong desire for you as the site owner to make it generate more revenue and cover its inherent costs :wink:


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As I said,

The option will remain to sell as a 'buy it now' type item, so no one is forcing you to sell the item as an auction.

Sellers will be given the option and will be able to use both.


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I hate eBay because of the people bidding then not buying but I like the auction option and the buy

It now option.

At the end of the day it puts a seller in touch with someone that wants to buy. ... Hey presto !!

From there you can chat and work things out.

So my vote is yes

Newbie looking for an affordable flyable

Beginner wing. ...... :coptor:

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