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New York Hudson Jet Crash

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Just been watching a documentry on the New York Jet that crashed into the Hudson (i know waiting for new motor) and it appears the crash was down to Canada geese flying into the engines, and the aircraft industry are dismayed at the problems caused by birds flying into aircraft engines.

Amazing attitude from an industry who could only dream of perfecting flight in the way the real thing does!!!!!! and was after all was here first.

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...he made all the right choices apart from throttling up :? a few seconds later/or earlier and he would probably never even known that those big Ducks were there...

Didn't see the documentary... can you expand on this?

Few second earlier or later and the birds wouldn't have been there :D

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...but he didn't know the birds were there so without that info the timing of his climb thrust reduction was defined by his company's/Airbus standard operating procedure. My query was because you implied he had a choice to make when in fact he had no info to permit him from deciding to depart from SOP.

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Dont try and make something out of this that is not implied .....its not written in any operating proceedure that the pilot in command has to apply the throttle within a certain time of being given clearance by ATC....

as long as he doesnt decide to just stay there..the moment he decides to throttle up is up to him the pilot

what I meant was that it was so unlucky of him to commit to take off at that precise moment when a few seconds sooner or later and there would not have been a crash

and nobody would ever have been any wiser about Geese being in the way..all his decisions after the impact were proven to be correct

It shall we say WAS WRITTEN from the Big man above

ps I am not religious in any way

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You didn't imply anything... you stated "he made all the right choices apart from throttling up" ie you stated he made a wrong choice. I was trying to point out that it wasn't a wrong choice but a choice he made not knowing what the imminent future would bring.

As an aside, climb thrust reductions are often strictly enforced and monitored by noise monitoring equipment at major airports worldwide so adherance to SOP's to satisfy established noise abatement procedures can be timing critical. Deviation is ok if it can be justified but that takes prior knowledge!

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