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Lost phone!!!!


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OK it seems like i have lost my phone!! :oops: I think i must have been in the field last night some time...

So that means i have lost everyones number :(

Barry can you send me Charley's number so i can sort the gate for monday....

If anyone wants to go flying anytime next week my home number is 01243 671508...

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Hi I tried to ring you back but no ans.... The hay in the field will be being turned again tomorrow and again poss on tuesday but could be being bailed on tuesday also

We will have to go early before he starts... the farmer dont know when he will be starting. He said it all depends on the dew in the morning.... We can land there as long as we dont get in his way but when we land thats it until he has finished.

I need to get hold of barry to ask him to phone charley...

Take off 8/830?????

thats 830 not 1230 :lol::lol:

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Hi morgy.

Thanks for opening up the field. The tractor man turned up just after Luke took of so I quickly threw the gear back into the car and departed the field. I didn't want to risk upsetting him!! Hope you both had a good flight. Did you find your phone?


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Hi Kev

We wondered where you got to..... Yes had a good flight and my phone was handed in so a good day all in all....

I did post on here to take off early!!!!!!! :lol::lol:

The farmer turned up with the bailer as me and luke was leaving... It will be all bailed today but there might be some bailes left in the field.... I plan to fly EARLY take off 8am tuesday for some low level stuff with steve haze.... come along if your free and up for it.. :lol:

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