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Hi guys

Luke yes monday is now looking allot better for IOW as tuesday is looking like it might be a strong head wind and picking up to a southerly so no good for the cliff's......

I am up for monday (sorry Steve) BUT tuesday looks like it might be good for the beachey run then soar the cliff back to the marina...

BUT let's keep an eye on it will make plans for sure sunday eve when i get back from goodwood but i can fly both days

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Great Monday then.

I can fly Tuesday too - see you then Steve.

Michel is lending me a Miniplane to use while I wait for my new frame.

For anyone reading Michel Carnet has gone out of his way to sort out any issues I've had with my Miniplane since I bought it from him - excellent customer service

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If you blow this one up luke i would say its not the mini plane's its YOU!!! :lol:

keep an eye out for monday.... it is going to have to be an early one IE in the air by 830 9am......... bring some food for the rest stop just north of black gang chine. Seymor is not going to be able to make it as he has to work on the farm...so looks like it's just you and me luke.....

Did you get hold of francis???? will you be needing fuel????

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