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Any one going to the Essex fly in????


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Is there anyone going to the Essex fly in from this area??? and would you like to share fuel cost's etc... Or fly in??? I would like to fly in to the event but would need a kind soul to take camping kit etc .....

Anyone else want to fly in to the event I have worked it out to be around 120km from seymor's farm 140 from hambrook.

Should be an easy trip as there is ment to be a tail wind all the way but will still be around 3/4 hours.....

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Thanks enzo

I might take you up on that offer but depends on the weather I am only going if it looks flyable both days....

Not sure about the biv flying luke.... Good idea but not sure i want to risk it with the weather!! I would like my nice warm tent and my comfy fishing bed after that long flight.

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My alternative plans for the weekend have fallen thru so I am now up to going to Essex for the weekend . I can back you up Morgy and bring you home if needed if you want to fly there from my place. Might be a bit windy but then it is a long way and with wind will be behind you you should get there well before I can in the old camper. Let me know what our plans are. The weather looks possibly OK for Saturday late afternoon.

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