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Long weekend away with guaranteed flying?

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Hiya folks..

Im at a loose end for a week starting we'd 22nd June and wondered where I could drive to abroad with some guaranteed flying weather and nice scenery and somewhere that isn't a logistical nightmare to deal with!

Also if anyone is interested in tagging along I'm open to offers

I Have a big car and don't mind a drive! An I'd rather not camp as I prefer a nice bed lol!

I'm not the most experienced pilot so bear that in mind too!

Help! This English weather is driving me potty!

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Think about France. I live in SW France, between Toulouse and Biarritz, just north of the Spanish border. About 9hrs from the ferries in Northern France. There have probably been less than 10 days since mid March where it wasn't flyable. It's warm enough to fly in shirt sleeves.

The weather in France is often divided at the Loire valley, so it can be terrible north of the Loire and fine south of it, or visa versa.

Ask AlanK his opinion, he lives an hour north of me.

If you can read French, try this forum http://forumparamoteur.fr

Guaranteed - no. High probability - yes.

Good luck


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The weather for this spring has been pretty good so far, for example I had 8 flights in April, if I could be a*sed to get up really early I could have had a lot more.

I am about half way down France, 270km south of Paris.

The last 3 weeks have been unsettled/windy/threatening rain.

Quite a good time to have sent my wing for service :). Cost with Dudek €52, plus €28.50 return shipping.

My replacement prop is also on its way so I should be back in the air next week sometime.



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