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Fly-in this weekend. 21 &22 May South Coast


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Hi all

The weather looks very promising for this weekend and the owner of the land has OK,d a fly-in at a new site we have down on the South Coast near Chichester. It is a nice large flat field and we can camp . This is a great spot from which to fly out to the Isle of Wight and shorter flights to Portsmouth, where there is lots to see from the Spinniker tower, The Ark Royal, Navey dockyards, old sea forts, Hovercraft and hundreds of sailing boats. The other way you can get to Worthing, and if you climb over 2000 ft to miss the airspace at Shoreham you can go to Brighton and beyond.

We will make plans for where best to Fly on Friday, and hope to takeoff fairly early, say 10.30 am if we want to do a trip around the Isle of Wight. If anyone is coming from far away and wants somewhere to stay Friday night give me a shout and you can stay on my farm in Pulborough. 07875724540

For a map of the site go to the West Sussex club part of this forum and look at the Hambrook site map that Barry put together. It shows a site guide with noise and hight restrictions so we can avoid complaints from the neighbors.

There will be a BBQ, a few tables and chairs and not much else laid on for the evening so bring some food and entertainment.

Radio frequency will be 143.875


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If anyone is going to fly in can you please make sure you come in high and idle your motor or turn it off!!! when coming in to land!

Apart from that can you make sure you look at the map that barry sorted out and (dan the man) I will try to print off a couple of copies just incase...

Apart from that the weather looks good... lets fly!!!!!

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Hi Dan

Yes we did the IOW trip!! :lol:

Not as good as the first time as we burnt allot of fuel getting to the south side of the island and trying to miss some low cloud. When we got to the south we stopped near st Catherine's point for a little break almost in cloud then tried to ridge soar along the cliffs again.

It was ok but not enough to keep the motors off all the way. we got to fresh water bay and turned back for home. I have to say it was a funny day over there very low cloud and quite light winds on the south side but the clouds were getting higher and the wind getting stronger the further we got back towards the mainland.

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