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Hi I am Alex 75kg from West Sussex and I thought I would introduce myself to the Paramotoring community as a paramotor wannabe. I have always been interested in flying and started a course in Helicopters as a teenager before moving to the less expensive fixed wing aeroplane but as my age increased so too did my financial reponsibility.. but my disposable income did not. After blowing up my car engine twice I resigned to Flight Simulators but it just wasnt the same so I enlisted to be trained as a civilian with the RAF at Lynham but the discounted training price prooved to be still too expensive and the prospect of having to keep a licence current each year was daunting.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when I heard a paramotor pootle overhead in the garden that I realised the guy above had the perfect solution. To be able to jump up into the air and fly around the south coast for the cost of a pint prooved too tempting not to investigate further.

So here I am doing research into high/low hang points, local schools and working out the cost and finances to get me off the ground safely. I am tempted by getting a new PXP Polini as these seem to be a good starting point along with a windtech zephyr pw and trying to balance the reliability of these against the cheaper G6 100c and a cheap wing (jojo)? for about £1500 less. There is so many stats and specs and other factors to weigh up, I am completly torn every time I browse something new. The one thing that remains constant though is the fact that anything I get will have to be on credit with only a £1000 headstart. Perhaps I should just buy the cheapest thing I see on ebay and be glad I have a motor? (not a rhetorical question)

The one thing I am sure of though is that, this is totally something I want to do. The sense of freedom in this sport must be profound and exhilerating. Looking at some youtube videos of people videoing and snapping completely unique photos from a new perspective would be my main motivation along with enjoying the landscape for myself.

So any help in this would be greatfully appreciated. Unfortunatly every time I crunch the numbers on various combinations of new/second hand and home built equipment I have a compromise whether its price, reliability or safety. Im sure 'ease' and 'enjoyment' are further factors to consider but not ones I am yet qualified to balance...

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Hi Alex and a warm welcome to the PMC.

I'm Ian, 85kg from Kent (just kidding!) :lol:

You have definately come to the right sport to gain the perspectives and experiences that you seek, and to the right forum to find out about the most accessable and personable form of aviation available.

Everyone here will happily answers any questions which you may have, but the first thing to do and the safest way into the air from personal experience is to find a local trusted instructor who will safely guide you through from total newbie to experienced pilot.

Once again, welcome to our happy clan!

Best regards,


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Welcome, A group of us fly in west sussex you would be more than welcome to give us a call or come over and visit us when we are flying. Have a look in the west sussex branch on the forum.

Where in sussex are you?

There are plenty of people on here that will gladly offer you advice on kit ot get etc.


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