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Pete B and Colin Tandem Clip

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It wasn't a criticism of the pilots .... just what it looked like from that camera angle & distance .... hence the smiley .... :roll:

It felt that way being so close to Colins back :D

First outing for the tandem bar and the motor was not producing full power and kept dying in flight so a good service is in hand.

This was the first time we had flown the wing (46m synth cabrio) and have to find the best trim setting for take off as when ground handling we found that under 4 on the trims caused it to hang back and would not come overhead.

Anyway we got off first time flew around and landed with no incidents, so a great first attempt even if I do say so myself.

Thanks to all that were there helping or just egging us on and a special thanks to Colin for being my cushion incase we face planted :lol:

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