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Which HD Camera


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Having had a look about, the Go Pro certainly does produce mice results but is pretty ugly and protrusive.

The Drift HD 170 is slick, mounts anywhere, has a remote (not fussed about that) and a screen.

Contour looks like it is side mounting only.

I do like the Drift - has anyone got one? Feedback? Will there be a better Go Pro soon?

Got more important things to buy before a camera, but was just researching!



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Yes my lovely wife bought me a HD170 Stealh for my birhtday not used it yet although did suggest i could strap it to certain parts and give it a try out (it was my bday) didn't go down that well i couldn't see the problem anyway's soon as i fly i will let you know.

Have played a little with it though (camara) and have to say its extremely easy to use and looks easy to mount etc.

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I was lucky enough to get the Drift for Christmas, haven't used it for flying yet as I am still learning, but I have used it whilst out on my bike. The picture quality is excellent, it came with a, I think its a 4G SD card, so you have plenty of recording space. The battery will last for hours and will easily out run the recording time of the card. You get multiple mounts with it so you can strap it to your goggles, helmet or any other appendages that take your fancy!

You also get helmet mounts and handle bar mounts, but the velcro tape supplied for sticking it to your helmet did not fill me with confidence. It will link directly to your TV via HDMI cable which is great as you can see what you video looks like on the big screen, although the small LCD on the side gives a really good preview with sound!

One thing to watch is the MIC', I found that it picked up lots of wind noise on the bike so I didnt get to hear the lovely exhaust note whilst I was having a blatt within the legal speed limit, honestly occifer! However I gues you could shield the mike to prevent this by wrapping it?

The photo quality is suprisingly good for a video camera and I fould you can snatch quite pleasing stills with it, although framing the shot can be a pain and you would be better off with a dedicated still I you want the best shots.

As it was a new toy you have to play with it, so far I've strapped it to my head and annoyed the family, strapped it to my arm and gone out on the bike and whats really good is you can swivel it to shoot behind you on the go and get footage of your slower mate!

I've left it in the bathroom to see how good it copes with moisture whilst the missus had a shower :twisted: , unfortunately I cant review this as she found it first and threw it at me so I guess it is robost! Ive even strapped it to the dog for a giggle which ended up being flung off mid run but luckily it was in the snow so no scratches but bounced a bit and all was still well.

The only thing I havent done yet is try editing the footage basically because I am not well up with that side of things so I'll have to get my finger out and get my head round it.

All in all I am well pleased with it, I had a look at the GO PRO and it does look like a cracking piece of kit, however the shape and styling of the Drift is brilliant, and when your wearing it you forget its there, its light and stream lined delivering excellent quality so what more do you need!

Now before you think that this is a biased review as I own one, the missus was clever enough to sort it out that if this was not what I wanted I could return it and get the GO PRO or any other camera, however I am sticking with it I think its that good.

I hope this helps any one thinking of getting this camera.

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I'll have to admit when it comes to this kind of stuff I am on the slightly clueless side! All I have had to compare it to is 8 year old Panasonic DV handheld camcorder against which not surprisingly it comes up trumps.

Cheers Lee.

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