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Wind !!!!!


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It isn't the flying in high winds that is the problem. It's the taking off and landing. Also, high winds tend to be gusty which makes for a very uncomfortable ride not to say anything about the increased risk of a collapse in gusty conditions.

The main problem in taking off in any wind at all is controlling the wing as it comes off the ground. As it comes up you've got a huge sail which will simply pull you over if the wind is too strong. A way of getting around that is to use the Cobra launch as demonstrated in this video: [youtubevideo]


Notice that he's starting with the wing upside down.

My rule of thumb? If it feels a bit too windy then it is MUCH too windy :-)


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Nice Video.

Also when it’s windy, there is far more rotor (messy swirling wind) that will come off trees, buildings, obstacles etc. This can make launching and landing dangerous.

I think many of us won’t take of in more than a constant 10mph. (Experts and people with big balls do faster).

Its more hairy if the wind is gusting.

Constant 10mph is safer than a gusting 5 to 12mph.

Always look to land in clean air.


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5-20mph on a nice sunny afternoon in the summer months, can give you some of the best flying you'll ever get. Not a beginner situation, but a great experience, if you're confident about your wing and abilities to handle thermals (and the odd collapse...). You can stay up for hours (engine off) on some days. This would also be my normal wind strength limit on a hill in summer.

12-13mph in the winter months on the flat is my limit, up to 20mph again on a hill.


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