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Sat 6th


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I am hoping to fly early on Sunday morning - around 8.30 for an hour or so. I have to be back home before lunch. The forecast is looking pretty good, north westerly 6 gusting 13 mph in Basingstoke @ 0900, and 5 gusting 12 mph in Guilford. Maybe a bit of sun and not too cold either.

Anyone else planning to fly Sunday morning? I am keen to discover a site slightly closer to London - Barry's field? Otherwise it is over to Basingstoke again for me.

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Hey Pete,

I'd be up for a flight on Sunday morning, but at the moment XCWeather is showing light rain in the early hours and then dark clouds.

If it IS flyable (the ground will be wet, but we can cope with that) then I am up for going up! If you want to meet me, then there is a field near Banstead we can use.

Shall we see what the forecast says tomorrow evening and then make a decision then??

It might be nice weather down basingstoke way, but I've got a student turning up so can't travel out that way. If the weather is agreeable, then he'll be doing his first flight Sunday afternoon.

LUKE: I'm definitely up for a flight on Saturday. Will call you later to arrange.



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Another great flight was had by me seymor luke and steve. Steve and Luke started there day up at Barry's field in guildford then flew down to us at seymore's. after a refeul of coffe and petrol We all flew out to shoreham and then skimmed the coast to bognor "amazing fun and there was hardley a sole on the beach"

Then we all headed in land back to the farm. we could see a area of rain ahead where we wanted to go seymore luke and steve tried to out run it and headed for then landing field. unfortunatly they had to land on the south downs just south of the gliding club at parham. I in the mean time went towards the cloud and flew round the back and followed in back to the fram. There was some nice lift near and just under the outer edges of it so i was on reflex and not going down some times i was going up :)

After the cloud had past they all took of again and headed for the farm.

Seymore landed first then luke and then steve came in at mach 2 and slid to a halt "nice" :lol:

After a quick refuel stop steve and luke took of and headed back for barry's in Guildford.

I hope made it back ok.....

Sorry i didnt follow you back like i said i was gong to but steve you shot of and was miles away before i got of. I waited for a while for luke to take off but he was taking his time so i shot off to say hi to the balloon to the west :dive:

Cant wait to see some footage of the day

till next time guy's

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Hey Guys,

That was an awesome trip yesterday.

I reckon that Luke and I clocked up a staggering 80 MILES EACH!

I'll work on a video of the day's events (including my worst take-off attempt ever caused by an errant gust and a crevat on the wing...which left me turtling on my back) and get that uploaded somewhere for you to watch. I want to get Luke's footage as well to combine into a good video. So it may take a few days to sort out.

But big thanks to Seymour for providing a stop-off point on his farm and to Morgy for providing fuel and coffee. Much appreciated. (We'll make sure you get some cash for the fuel).

One of my best memories will be Seymour standing on the hill in the rain with his hood up while Luke and I sheltered under our wings while the rain and some hailstones fell on us, thinking about flying the 30 miles back from the hill via Seymour's to Guildford.

Awesome day!

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Hi All,

I am new to all of this having just got my paramotor during the summer (though been paragliding for some years).

I took of from my field in Angmering, near Worthing yesterday morning about 9.30am flew over to Arundel, and up the river to Pulborough over to Washington and then back to Angmering and landed about 11.30 just as the clouds were beginning to build.

I was just packing up my wing when i saw the 4 of you fly directly over head, heading to the coast.

I wondered if you were going to get caught in any of the showers.

I had a fantastic flight enoying the lift amongst the clouds.

Would be good to tag along in one of your adventures one day.


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Hi George,

PM me your mobile number or give me a call (details on website in signature) and we'll arrange meeting up with you.

I'm eager to expand the surrey club and we welcome all flyers.

Shame you missed out on flying with us, but yes...we did get a little wet. It was fun though! :)

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