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High Hang Points

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Hi all,

I am having lots of trouble getting into my harness its a low hang point, i seem to remember bein told that a high hang point harness is easier to get into as it kinda scoops you up is this right.

I find that because of my weight i have to have the hang points a fair way back to give me the correct thrust angle, this makes the risers almost trap my shoulders against the back of the harness whilst i am hanging so as the intial take off i am pinned back making it almost impossible for me to gat my fat arse into my seat.

With a high hang point this shouldn't happen if im thinking right and should give me a better chance of making into my seat.

Help please this is really getting me down as this is stopping me flying and its really frustrating.


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whats the make of paramotor ? the only time I struggle in to the seat is if Ive left the leg straps loose so that it makes the run easier....but getting into the seat harder...but even then if the leg straps are a bit slack you can either fit a kick strap or park your brake with one hand and use it to pull the seat under you.....( its a pap )

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Ta for your reply i have a Kobra Rocco i did a hang check tonight a fitted a kick strap ive tried parking the brakes but the problem is i have so little movement because im bein pinned back by the risers. Even with the kick strap i still think i will syruggle i know that high hang points are not the best but if they cure my problem it will at least get me flying,

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I had exactly the same problem with an Orbiter paramotor (similar design with active low hang points) where the seat board would sometimes slide up behind me on the run, and no amount of lifting or pushing after take off would get it under me. I ended up flying around hanging by my armpits from the alloy bars until my arms went numb, and had to crash land as I couldn't pull the brake lines down to flare.

Switched to a Walkerjet (low / mid hangpoints) and it is just as easy to run with, but effortless once the wing starts flying as you are scooped off the ground and into the seat with no strop or pushing required.

The problem with this sport is you have to buy blind or from recommendation / hype - as there is almost nowhere you can try a selection of motors for ease of launch, handling, comfort in long flight, etc.

Shame about the distance as I will be selling the Walkerjet soon and would pretty much guarantee it would solve your problem.

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Hi Neilzy,

I think it's as much to do with the design of the harness as anything else. I think you're probably in a Catch 22 situation as well as you won't be so pinned back by the risers once you're in the seat :?

I can only speak from experience of 2 harnesses as I have recently changed from the Fresh Breeze Wingman harness with J bar high hang point to the Aerothrust with webbing high hang point.

It's probably the way I have the Aerothrust adjusted but I still have to pull the seat forward to get into it. If I have the legs straps tighter I can't get as upright as I want when landing.

I have noticed that the main webbing straps leading up to the risers are closer to the chest than the Fresh Breeze, as I say this is down to design.

There are loops for the carabiners lower down the webbing but I'm not heavy enough to make use of them, the hang angle is way out.

You'll just have to try pulling the seat forward, gain a little height before trying it,



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Cheers everyone yes i agree the Walkerjet will help as i had one as my 1st paramotor but the dam thing sieszed on me 2 flights in and i was so pee'd off with the lack of support from then i sent it back, 2 years on i now realise i should have stuck with it as it was the machine for me, but im stuck with the Kobra now unless i can do a really good deal or the high hang points work for me.


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