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Paramotoring in the Netherlands

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Hi snorvliegers (Dutch word for paramotor pilots),

I love to watch the movies that are published on this forum.

Below some links to movies on my website. The are made in Flash!

The camera is an Oregon ATC 3000. The quality is not as great as with HD camera's.

All clips are shot over The Netherlands.

1. This clip shows an airborne shot of a take off of a deltatrike (I am not sure what the correct English word is). The subtitles are in Dutch. Han, the pilot experiences an engine problem and returns immediately to the field. I made a fly by to see if everything was well. After that I continued my flight. By the way, he was alright... :lol:

The area is located roughly between Amsterdam and Utrecht.


2. As cold as ice...

It was pretty cold on Januari 3rd, 2010.

The location is the former sea bed in the centre part of the Netherlands. God created the world and Holland was made by the Dutch. It's about 12 ft below sea level.


3. About a year ago in the eastern part of the country.

A small village called Welsum invited us to just fly around the whole weekend. The village normally has about 300 inhabitants, but this weekend about 3000...

Indeed, a big party was going on and we were asked to participate in the festivities. We didn't just fly over the village and the party area. The river you see is called the IJssel. The IJsselmeer (IJssel lake), formerly named the Zuiderzee (the big lake in the middle of the country), was named after this river.


Happy days,


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Hi Dave,

I seem to run into the same problem. My website is extremely slow at this moment. Something must be wrong on the server side.

It happened before and the problem just vanished after a couple of hours. I sure hope the same thing is true in this case.


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Hi Peter,

Don't try to pronounce the word, You will definitely end up with a lipstall or runaway lips. :lol:

The Dutch word for pilot is piloot (pronounced like "pee-load",.... hmmmmmm, that makes it even more interesting).

Another word for pilot is "vlieger", the same word as for kite.

A "snor" is a moustache, but it has nothing to do with moustaches.

I am not sure if you've got them in the UK, but in Holland we've got "snorfietsen". A "fiets" is a bicycle and a "snorfiets" is a light moped with a small engine that travels at low speed. It produces a light humming sound. This sound is called "snorren".

A paramotor produces sound, that some people may experience as annoying noise. Holland is not as tollerant to aviation as the UK. One of our pilots "invented" the word "snorvliegtuig" (vliegtuig = airplane) to compare it with the snorfiets. People tend to visualize words. In this case a smart way to make a good first impression. Believe it or not, it works.

So, somebody who flies a snorvliegtuig is a snorvlieger (snorvliegers is plural).

The word paramotor and paramotorpiloot is used as well!

It's time to hit the sack! We are an hour ahead of you.



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