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Deciding on a wing/motor (newbie)...

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Evening All

I'm a newbie here, and am in the process of researching equipment etc...

I've had some excellent advice from some local suppliers, and whilst this information isn't conflicting as such, I am trying to establish the best/safest stuff.

I'm a heavy lad - tipping in over 18 stone (but reasonably fit and agile) so I know I need a big wing. My overall budget is 7k...

I was originally advised to go for a 34 wing, and that a Dudek Synthesis would be ideal, then I was advised on a Cabrio Synth (designed for trikes) but I hear this is far too big for one person, and that a 34 would do. This may be a relatively easy decision, but having said that there are plenty of brands. Then there's the motor...

To start with, I was advised of a Fresh Breeze Simonini, then was advised on a Parajet Volution Macro (?) Either way I need something powerful. Not sure where to go with this, and I know the specs can dictate whether or not there is a pull start etc. Doesn't have to be top of the range titanium and it doesn't have to make the tea - just adequate and safe!

I think picking the wing might be a much easier decision than the motor, and if I can get both together within £7k it would be good?

I just want to say, I'm not trying to duel the advice I've been given by different people - merely trying to increase my own knowledge and make a decision that will cost me a lot of money!

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I know I've let motors creep in on here - please move to the newbie forum should you need to.

All the best


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Go on Dave!!!

I'm suspect that if Maz has trawled the forum then he might already be aware of your opinion on this subject, but he has asked for some advice so wouldn't it be rude not to give it again!!?? :lol:

I never tire of hearing about the virtues of the FT!!! :P

Just wish I had the cash to buy one.......


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Both Alan and Dave are spot on but also consider the Kobra Rocco.

I tandem using Dudek wings and had to choose between the Synth Cabrio and the Orca. Much as I love the Synth I went for the Orca 41 as the Cabrio is too trike orientated. You really should go for the Synth 34 as it is the best wing of its size out there (although I believe we are just about to get a Nucleon 34).

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Nuc 34 eh ? That'll likely do some light thermals !

Personal preference will always chose the motor Fanman. But dont forget the FT 200 is 5 kilos lighter than the Monster and churns out alot more thrust, thus making it easier to get airborn, not to mention the fuel burn advantage, for more autonomy.

Sorry chaps...I would've burst open if I didn't spill the beans

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Personally I don't think you really need a Monster until you get significantly over 20 stone. My 17 stone mate has a FB Simonini and he never ever uses full power. That is also bearing in mind that the FB variant is detuned from standard! Mishandling the Monster can get you into all sorts of trouble if you don't understand precession!

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Sorry chaps...I would've burst open if I didn't spill the beans

Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron Dave :?

You'll eventually convince us heathens about the FT I'm sure :roll:




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Sorry Mazzy...I do get a bit carried away, but I love flying mine. I was 16 stone when I got it and it was ample power to blast me into the sky at 550 ft/min on a 26 metre wing. Good turn of speed, easy takeoff and landing and a fuel burn of only 3.3 litres/ hour. Not many can match those stats.

I'm not selling but if you want a look at my unit you're welcome to. If you want to check any stats , feel free to ask. Had mine 2 years and I seriously think it would do you well. If I didn't I would say so. My last unit was 200 cc with a 125 cm prop and was far less powerfull but burnt fuel faster. Also flown a Macro, H&E and PAP and Walkerjets x 2 so I know how big the difference is. The 294 Rotron would be comparable for thrust but you would have to lower the budget for the wing to keep down to your 7 grand. Cant comment on the Rotron cos I haven't flown one, but it looks clever engineering and as powerfull as the 200 super Simonini. But with a good wing and technique a detuned Simmo, as in the Fresh Breeze Sportix, would do the job admirably.

Hope that's a bit less biased. I do look around you know

Dave :)

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