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Endurance and trim settings


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hmmmm, will i get more endurance on slow of fast trim??

thats to say, if im travelling out and back, will the extra ground covered make up for the extra fuel used to maintain straight and level flight at a faster trim setting.

will the endurance be effected or will that be offset by better range?

...theres one to think about.....

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I must admit i just stick it in full reflex and get to the coast and slow it down whilst getting that smooth coastal air.

The other week me and a friend flew 30 miles down the beach and landed in a farmers field at Flamborough Head were we re fuelled at the local fuel station than made the return leg, on the way back i ran out of fuel about 3 miles short of the airfield but i had climbed to a height of 3500 feet and glided the rest of the way to the airfield were we fly from.

Now i was pushing a head wind of about 4 miles per hour and i decided to put my trimmers to full slow and luckily i made it to the run way radioed a dead stick landing and landed, later in the clubhouse i was speaking to the microlight instructor and he advised me that to have got the furthest in that situation i should have gone for maximum speed into the wind but the way i saw it at the time was maximum glide so next time i run out of fuel into wind i will try his theory cheers Alan.

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for the pot of discussion....

On the Tip to Tip, Whitters was on a 28 Revo on slow ( in the middle of the range) and I was on a 26 ( at the top)

I was on full fast & full bar for about 80% of the trip while whitters was on slow... he was STILL faster BUT I had half a tank left sometimes when the others were dry.

It's Magicary.


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