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Advice on Radios Needed urgently.

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Hi Al,

I am going on holidy on Saturday in the caravan and after traveling for about 8 to 10 hours tensions are always a bit frayed when we get to the cam site so I need some recomdations for 2 cheap radios walkie talkies.

Now this got me thinking that I could kill 2 birds with one stone, I dont currently use a radio when I am flying but if I choose the right equipment I will be able to talk to the wife and hopefully other paramotor \ paraglider pilots using the same kit.

As I undersand it I need 2M radios?

Can any one please ofer a ac to get some cheap radios new or second hand?

Thanks in advance


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Ok, after some digging on here i have found what I nk ems to be the recomended thing.


This is a Midland Twin-Pack PMR G7 X-TRATALK

Can someone please confirm that most of the paramotor pilots who are not using the AM air band radio could communcae with these. As I now understand that the AM ones would require license.

If I am correct 2M one are not legal to use in the air but could be used for retrieves etc.


again, sorry for the dumb qustions :)

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Apologies I should have noticed you were posting in the Radio/comms section :oops:

Not everyone flys wth a radio, I guess it's probably a minority.

The AM radios are really for traffic that can transit controlled airspace which PPG is excluded from.

2m is illegal to use unless you are a licensed radio amateur, the radios need modification to be used outside of the amateur bands and there is no allocated frequency for PPG anyway :?

The G7 pmr radios are probably the best place to start but they also have limitations when used on the ground. The range suffers when there are obstructions along the signal path. What channel to use of the 8 is also down to personal choice.



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Thanks just what I needed to know.

I have seen a pair of G7's from maplin which is what some others here are using and if I understand it correctly these radios can be altered to extend the range later once I get an RT license.

So I think I will go for a set of these.

Thanks Again

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The Midland G7's are an incredible bit of kit for the money, they are upgradeable to 3W power and have an extra 69 LPD channels (70cm band). On the PCB there are 3 wire loops, the top one is already snipped and if you snip the bottom one you get the power increase (3W high 1.5W low), snip the middle one for the extra channels. Naturally this would only be for use outside the UK but useful info :wink: .


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Just a quick note to anyone who cuts the J2 bar.

This does unlock the extra channels but causes the scan function to lock onto one channel. Also the menu button does not always work!

Tried this on mine this morning, so may just resolder!!

The units were brand new a few weeks ago.

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