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New Crop circle Near the membury site. ( Lydington Castle)


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Well its that time of year again, where the crop circles start popping up.

Here is one that popped up last night close to the membury site.

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Truly amazin - the aliens must have bought a mac and are running some funky design software as it looks pretty 8)

The aliens must know that it is only idle paramotor pilots that gayly wander the skies. looking at scenary.

hence why the follow the PM club takeoff sites


Gayly ? You speak for yourself Si :D:D

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I can assure you, I was fast asleep in order to get up early enough to see it :-) having not finished from the airfield until about 21:00.

They are popping up all over the place at the moment..

Keep your eyes peeled, get up early and you too can spot them :-)

One day I will catch an alien in mid 'message leaving' and get the real money shot. :-)


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Sorry to disappoint you Simon but it isn't really aliens, its just twits with planks of wood and bits of rope and too much time on their hands.....they're probably all doleys.....


Nooooooo dont say any more or you will spoil it, there are aliens.

I was abducted :wink::wink: by some one night and woke up in france with a load of other blokes in the same boat, it took us two weeks to get back home after we had shown lesser mortals the way to leave the ground with out a space ship

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