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Im flying and want to know more.....


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I attempted training at 3 different places, all (in my opinion) were a waste of money. In the end i got flying, but with little or no knowledge of how and why.

i am not a complete novice to flying and luckily i brought with me my training for PPL, so good met, air nav, air law etc, i am however very rusty on some of these.

I do not want to be a statistic that people talk about and hence i am wondering what training i can do from here. Paramotoring is a hobby that i love and easily the best form of aviation that i have taken up, as a hobby i would like to better myself but am hesitant with paramotor 'schools' because of my bad experiences, that being said this site (as subsequently training?) are very helpful and professional so feel that this maybe the place to enquire...

So, what can you do for me and whats it going to cost?? :D

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Do you fly alone most of the time ?

I have picked up loads just chatting with and watching other pilots.

I don't find books/forums much use as I learn by doing. Someone could tell me how to do something a million times and I still wouldn't have a clue but show me once and I generally remember.But maybe that's just me being a bit of a plank :-)


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