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flying in Pulborough, West sussex SUNDAY MAY 23

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Hi This coming Sunday looks like some really great flying weather all day long and I would like to invite any interested piolts to come and fly with me from my farm in Pulborough, west sussex.

Address is Broomers Hill Farm , Broomers hill Lane , Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2HZ.

it is up a concrete drive with cattle grids, then a sharp left at the house, into the farm yard Go thru the farm yard and follow the track thru a couple of gates to the top of the hill, and thats where we will be flying.

My mobile is 07875724540.

Just post on this thread if you are coming or have any questions.

You can come Sat evening and camp up in the field if you like.

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I would just like to say a big thank you to Seymore for ths invitation, I have just returned home from a very enjoyable afternoon despite me not being able to fly. It was great to meat you all in the flesh and hope that we can meet up again in the future.

Thanks Again.

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I would also like to add my thanks to Seymore for allowing us all to come and fly from his fantastic hilltop field. Conditions were perfect all day - I loved our flight down to the coast and along the sea at Littlehampton with Seymore and Mark. I even enjoyed my long glide back to the field after running out of fuel two miles away! I have attached three photos... (if I have done it correctly) Nice to meet Fred, Barry and the others too. All the best, Ben




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