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Takeoff Site near Ipswich


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I've taken the plunge from free-flying for the last 7 years into paramotoring, since I live in Ipswich where there's no mountains (should have spotted that before).

Sadly I've had no luck identifying a site which is approved for takeoff. I live in the middle of Ipswich so none of my neighbours have a field, and I'd probably struggle with the airlaw issues flying this close to the town anyway.

I've completed training courses in spain and had my motor signoff through the BHPA. Have an H&E R120 plus Ozone Mojo (which I'd like to get paramotor risers for, but Northern never replies to my emails).

I have the week off, and I'm hoping to find a place where I can get up to the clouds, turn the engine off and thermal for a bit. Not planning to do low flying very much if that makes a difference.

Anyone have an idea how I can find somewhere near Ipswich?

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Hi i emailed a chap on the Paramotorsuk site listed under fly with a pilot, who has a farm in Ipswich he does not fly much anymore but was willing to let me fly from his farm. I believe he still is listed on the site give him a try if you cant find him drop me a line and i will search my emails to see if i can fid him.


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Neilzy, Was that a site near Mendlesham/Mickfield?

I've fortunately got in touch with a team of pilots who fly out of a field over there and hope to get a chance to fly with them this week.

If you're thinking of a different location, then I should try to find out more about it as it's useful to know a few sites nearby just in case problems emerge, or in case there's one which is maybe even nearer.

I shouldn't complain though, this one's only 13 miles away. I'm used to crossing continents to get a fly. The nearest (tow) site is a 3hour round trip and the nearest free flying site is about a 5 hour round trip so I'm finally in luxury! Looks like the paramotor was a worthwhile investment to get my thermalling airtime up!

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I have seen a couple of guys fly from ipswich, I will ask about, see where they fly from. Loads of open space around the a12 side.

I work at Martlesham Heath and I'm looking for some land to do some ground handling in the evenings after work (or further South on A14/A12), or maybe even sneak out lunchtimes for a drag :D . Anyone know of a suitable piece of land.

Many thanks, Steve

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* Take a good look around on Google Earth first- make sure you've got terrain contours on so you can identify steep gradients.

* Avoid built up areas, obvious hazzards, etc, and confirm airspace

* Tag potential areas- as many as you want, and put the co-ordinates into your GPS satnav

* On a non-flyable day, drive out and look at the areas you've identified- if there are houses nearby, then ask who owns the field. Most people will be helpful, if you explain why you want to know first. It helps if you bring a few pictures of PPGs or even a video. Also a good idea to promise them a free aerial picture.

* If you can't find the owner, then tape a note to the gate- with your details, some PPG info and phone number. Put it inside a plastic sleeve, so the rain wont ruin it, somewhere near the lock/latch is best- but makesure any livestock cant eat it.

* Most land owners will need to hear about your insurance before you fly... if you don't have it, then get it.

* Once you have got a place to fly, finding other fields will be easier from the air. Bring the handheld GPS with you, and mark potential fields and visit later.

Hope this helps.


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Great advice Gordon - especially the free aerial photo! I know people who have paid hundreds of pounds for a decent one of these!

In my experience land owners have always been v. friendly as long as you are up front about things!

Good luck finding a site!! Would love to hear if you find one.

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