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Hello All,

Quick intro and hello from me.

I have been flying in one way or another since my mid teens. Now I am excited to be starting out in Paramotoring.

I live near Inverness in Scotland, but am a Southerner originally.

I have got a PAP 1150 AS and two wings (An old but very crisp Trekking Parawing, and a newish, slightly used U-turn Infinity 2)

I spent a week training on the hills with Peak Airpsports recently, completing EP and most of CP.

With the good weather on its way ( I hope ) and I am trying to get myself ready to enjoy it.

Any suggestions about how to complete the training to proficient PPG would be gratefully received.

Any comments about the wings and motor I have would also be useful,



Ps: Just been reading all the reports on the accident section, sobering stuff.

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Hello Paul and welcome to the forum.

Don't get hung up on the accident reports, just make sure you fly in benign conditions for your early hours.

PAPs are very good motors, a lot on here fly them.

Look up postings from Brightfish, he started out with a Trekking Parawing.

Good luck with completing you're training,



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