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Go careful - I may be wrong but....

If you have 2 x 1 tonne links then if at the ultimate worst you put a 2 tonne force on in a turn then one is going to fail as you will only have 1 tonne rating each side rather than 2 tonnes either side.

Someone correct me if i'm wrong.

I think they are called shackles.

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And just for future reference, the ratings are in kN (kilo Newtons) or Tonnes (alright, one is mass and the other is force, but in our application they are pretty interchangeable. (sorry, pedantic autistic side coming out)

Oh, and they are called 'D' shackles.

And if we assume a pretty hefty 200kg weight of pilot, motor etc, we would have to be executing a 5G manoeuvre to reach the max. safe working load of a single 10kN shackle (1 tonne). Even then, this is likely to be way below the likely failure limit which is probably 1.5 to 2 times the safe working limit.

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